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DYE offers a full line of paintball prodcuts, from Beginner Guns to tournament level paintball guns.

What is Paintball Marker/Gun

A paintball marker is a device used to play the sport of paintball. Paintball markers, also known as paintball guns, are designed to fire water-soluble dye-filled gelatin capsules, commonly referred to as paintballs.

Paintball markers come in various shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity, and can be classified into three main categories: mechanical, Electronic Paintball Guns and Magazine Fed Paintball Markers. Mechanical Paintball Guns are the simplest and most reliable type of paintball marker, while electronic markers offer advanced features such as adjustable firing modes, electronic triggers, and anti-chop technology. Electro-pneumatic markers are a hybrid between mechanical and electronic markers and offer a balance between simplicity and advanced features.

What is Paintball Marker/Gun law?

It's important to note that paintball markers must be used in accordance with local laws and regulations, and in designated paintball facilities under the supervision of trained staff. The use of paintball markers outside of designated playing areas can be dangerous and is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Shop Paintball Gun / Marker

East Coast Paintball carries all of the most popular paintball guns in the industry. Below you will find a little bit of information for each brand we carry. The East Coast Paintball staff are all experienced players and are very familiar with the biggest brand in paintball. Check out our Top paintball guns list to see the best paintball guns currently available! If you ever have any questions regarding the product support you will receive from each company, please call us or stop by anytime!

How Paintball Gun Works?

A paintball gun, also known as a Paintball Gun Package Kit, is a device used in the sport of paintball. Paintball guns are designed to shoot paint-filled capsules, which burst upon impact and leave a visible mark, allowing players to eliminate their opponents.

Paintball guns come in a variety of styles, from basic mechanical models to more advanced electronic models. Mechanical paintball guns are simple and reliable, while electronic paintball guns offer features such as adjustable firing modes, Woodsball Package, and anti-chop technology. Some high-end electronic paintball guns also have built-in sensors that can monitor and adjust the performance of the gun in real-time.

What is Electronic Paintball Marker/Gun?

Electronic Paintball Marker are higher-end markers. They are more accurate than mechanical markers, can shoot farther, and the air lasts longer since they can function on a lower PSI than mechanical markers. However, these markers are much more expensive than mechanical markers, and their inner mechanisms are finer. Any maintenance or upgrade generally must be done by a professional who knows how these guns work.

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