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Spyder Victor Paintball Package
Sale price$239.00 CAD
Tippmann Stormer Elite Package
Sale price$414.00 CAD
HK Army Sabr Paintball Package
Sale price$330.00 CAD
Tippmann Stormer Package | Co2
Sale price$393.00 CAD
HK Army Sabr Paintball Package
Sale price$400.00 CAD
Dye DSR+ Paintball Tournament Package
Sale price$2,313.00 CAD
Spyder Victor Paintball Package
Sale price$267.00 CAD
Tippmann A-5 Paintball Package
Sale price$554.00 CAD
Tippmann A-5 Paintball Package
Sale price$715.00 CAD
Tippmann Tipx Paintball Package
Sale price$585.00 CAD
Tippmann TMC Magfed Marker Package
Sale price$666.00 CAD

Paintball Gun Kits

A Paintball Gun Kit is a set of components that includes a Paintball Marker Kit, hopper, Paintball Starter Kit, air tank, and sometimes other accessories. These kits are designed for players who are starting out in the sport or for those who want a complete setup. The components in a paintball gun kit are selected to work together and provide a reliable, high-performing setup for paintball. Kits may also include additional items such as a barrel cover, Paintball Gun Sets, Paintball Package, mask, pods, and a squeegee. The cost of Paintball Gun Kits can vary depending on the components included and the quality of the marker and other equipment. Some kits are designed for beginners and are more affordable, while others are aimed at more advanced players and are designed for higher performance. When choosing a paintball gun kit, it's important to consider the type of paintball you plan to play, your skill level, and your budget.

Paintball Accessory & Upgrade Kits - Check out our selection of Paintball Accessory & Upgrades Kits. We combine popular marker upgrade combos so you can save money find the great paintball gun accessories you want all at once.

Paintball Harness & Vest Package Kits - We created these Paintball Harness & Vest Upgrade Kits for easy one-click shopping. Find a great deal on these combos of the harnesses, tactical vests, pods and remotes that you need.

Paintball Marker Package Kits - Here you'll find our huge selection of Paintball Marker Package Kits. We have specially selected all the hottest paintball guns and bundled them with the marker accessories you need to get out on the field today. Choose from complete marker/ hopper/ air tank/ goggle packages and more.

Paintball Marker Kit Brands

Tippmann | Empire | Planet Eclipse | JT | HK Army | DYE | Spyder | Shocker