Valken Daggers Barrel Covers - Grenade


Valken Daggers Barrel Covers - Grenade

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Protect yourself and others at the local paintball field with a Valken barrel cover! These new paintball barrel covers from Valken are made from rugged but lightweight silicone that slips easily over almost any paintball gun barrel and secures with an adjustable tether. Should an accidental discharge occur while in the staging area, the barrel cover will prevent the ball from leaving the barrel! Easily cleaned with warm water, the new Valken Daggers barrel cover is available in numerous colorful designs and is an essential safety item at every professional paintball field or paintball event.


  • Durable high-quality silicone barrel cover
  • Adjustable tether to fit any paintball gun
  • Easy to clean - just rinse with warm water
  • Essential safety device at all paintball fields
  • Numerous designs to choose from!