Exalt Maid Solid Colors Barrel Swab | Solid Lime


Exalt Maid Solid Colors Barrel Swab | Solid Lime

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  • The best barrel swab in paintball!
  • Collapsible, folding design for easy storing and carrying
  • Features o-ring end for cleaning and removing paint and shell
  • Features swab end for cleaning and buffing remaining paint
  • For use with all .68 caliber paintball gun barrels
  • Available in various colors

    Nobody lines talking about it, but it happens: broken paint in your barrel. Instantly ruining accuracy and even causing MORE paint to break, nothing disrupts a game of paintball like broken paint in a barrel. Clean that broken paint and shell out of your barrel fast and restore accuracy to get back to the business of shooting straight, eliminating opponents and winning with the Exalt Barrel Maid, the best barrel swab in the business! The Exalt Barrel Maid .68 caliber barrel swab is a folding design for easy carrying in a pocket or pouch and features an o-ring to clean and remove paint and shell, and a swab end to soak up any remaining paint, clean grooves or ports and restore accuracy!