Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab | Camo


Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab | Camo

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  • Paintball's ultimate barrel swab and barrel cleaning solution!
  • Collapsible, folding design for easy storying and carrying
  • Double-ended swab for quick cleaning and polishing of a barrel
  • For use with all .68 caliber paintball gun barrels
  • Available in various colors

    Cleaning a paintball gun barrel after a ball break, or cleaning dirt, water, grime and grease from a barrel while cleaning and maintining a paintball gun is nobody’s favorite part of the game, but it’s essential. During a game, a broken paintball destroys all accuracy and ruins every perfect shot, while buildup of grease and grime after a long day of play can also reduce accuracy. Solve all these problems with the Exalt Supreme barrel swab! A collapsible double-ended paintball barrel swab that’s easily tucked into a squeegee pocket or pouch until needed, the Exalt barrel swab soaks up broken paint or whatever else may be clogging a paintball gun barrel and ports, and buffs everything clean on the way out to instantly restore accuracy for a straight shot! You can’t win if you can’t shoot straight, so keep an Exalt Supreme Barrel Swab handy and put your paintballs where they need to go!