First Strike Compact Socom Paintball
First Strike Compact Socom Paintball

First Strike

First Strike Compact Socom Paintball

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  • Caliber: .68 caliber
  • Stock: Folding
  • Action: Mechanical Semi-Automatic
  • Color: Black

  • Compact carbine built from the impressive First Strike FSC Compact paintball pistol platform
  • Semi-automatic, mechanical operation
  • Powered by CO2 cartridges or high pressure air
  • Includes folding stock, mock supperssor, sight and accessory rails and extended magazine
  • Color: Black

  • The ultimate upgrade to the First Strike FSC Compact Pistol platform, the First Strike FSC SOCOM .68 caliber paintball pistol offers all the features and performance a serious scenario player or tactical mag-fed paintball operator demands to defeat any opposing force! Built from the modular, versatile and lightweight First Strike FSC pistol, the SOCOM adds a rifled barrel, mock suppressor, accessory rails and a sight or scope rail, an extended magazine and a folding stock, making this an amazing paintball sidearm that might just become a primary weapon of choice! This impressive .68 caliber First Strike paintball gun is the perfect tool for serious mag-fed paintball players to get the job done and accomplish any mission!