Fin stabilized .68 caliber paintballs
Fin stabilized .68 caliber paintballs

First Strike

First Strike Fsr .68 Caliber - 600 Round Paintballs | Shop Paintballs

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Shop High Quality FIrst Strike Paintballs (600 Rounds)


  • Fin stabilized .68 caliber paintballs
  • Shoots further and more accurately than any other paintball
  • Compatible with many magazine-fed rifles and pistols
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 600 round case

  • Specifications

  • Caliber: .68 fin-stabilized
  • Quantity: 600 rounds
  • Shell Composition: Polystyrene

  • Serious paintball requires serious paintballs. When the chips are down and money is on the line, tournament paintballs simply must fly straight, break on contact and mark so brightly that there’s no question whether an opponent is eliminated. Valken Redemption Pro .68 caliber paintballs are made to the exacting specifications required for ball-on-ball accuracy, consistency and reliability case after case, game after game, event after event. Redemption Pro Paintballs feature round, brittle shells, bright-marking, thick fill and cardboard dividers in each case to protect the paint during transport while headed to the field for play. When winning is the only option, choose the very best paintballs available – choose Valken Redemption PRO Paintballs.