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Paintball Gun

First Strike

First Strike T15 Pdw Paintball Gun

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  • Light, compact, feature packed mag-fed paintball PDW carbine
  • Lapco barrel with Lapco barrel tip
  • Keymod handguard for accessories
  • Accepts T15 magazines
  • Collapsible stock

  •  Specifications

  • Caliber: .68
  • Construction: aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Feed: Magazine
  • Stock: Collapsible

  • The final word in armament for paintball close-quarters combat comes from First Strike in the form of the PDW! This .68 caliber compact semi rifle is constructed from aluminum and features a Lapco barrel with a Keymod style handguard for accessories, a sight and scope rail, a collapsible stock and accepts T15 magazines. Light, durable and packed with features, the First Strike T15 PDW mag-fed semi auto paintball rifle can go toe to toe with any magfed paintball gun and is the ideal choice for a serious tactical paintball operator, mag-fed player or serious scenario player!