FREAK XL - 16" Carbon Fiber Barrel - Autococker


FREAK XL - 16" Carbon Fiber Barrel - Autococker

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Model ’98 and A5 adaptors add about 1” to the total length of your FREAK® JR barrel (Sold Separately)

Tippmann A5 Barrel Adapter

Tippmann 98 Barrel Adapter

GOG/Luxe Barrel Adapter

The Freak® Carbon Fiber
 – is now available for the XL 8′ inserts. The ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Freak® is now better than ever!

Carbon Fiber is utilized in nearly every competitive sport on the planet, from F-1 cars to tennis rackets and bicycles.

FREAK® has brought the light weight and strength of Carbon Fiber to paintball as no one has ever done before.  

This carbon fiber is not a gimmick, it is a pure performance offering all the advantages of the aluminum FREAK® with half the weight.

There are no fillers in the carbon fiber weave, it is solid the whole way through the barrel’s construction, taking full advantage of carbon fiber technology. FREAK® Carbon Fiber is the highest quality carbon fiber barrel paintball has ever seen.


Carbon Fiber Freak® XL weighs in at 50% less than its aluminum brother, yet has 100% of the accuracy.

An attractive matte black natural carbon fiber finish matches any marker or style, and is offered in 14inches and 16inches.

The natural weave pattern of carbon fiber hides scratches, keeping your barrel looking great even after extensive use.


The same carbon fiber technology that allows race cars to be fast yet durable, now for your paintball marker. Weighing less than 50% of its aluminumFREAK®brethren, the Carbon FiberFreak® XLis the lightest freak ever.