Gog Freak Carbon Xl Paintball Barrel | Paintball Barrel


Gog Freak Carbon Xl Paintball Barrel | Paintball Barrel

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  • The ultimate high-tech carbon fiber paintball gun barrel system!
  • Utilizes carbon fiber for ultra light weight yet durable construction
  • Accepts GOG Freak XL inserts for optimum accuracy
  • Ported for quiet firing
  • Available for all popular paintball guns
  • Available in 14 and 16 inch lengths

    Carbon Fiber is utilized in nearly every competitive sport on the planet, from F-1 cars to tennis rackets and bicycles. GOG has brought the light weight and strength of Carbon Fiber to paintball as no one has ever done before. This carbon fiber is no gimmick, it is pure performance offering all the advantages of the aluminum Freak with half the weight. There are no fillers in the carbon fiber weave it is solid the whole way through the barrel’s construction, taking full advantage of carbon fiber technology. The Freak Carbon is the highest quality carbon fiber barrel paintball has ever seen.