Gog Freak Front Paintball Barrel | Paintball Barrel Kit


Gog Freak Front Paintball Barrel | Paintball Barrel Kit

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  • Aluminum front tip for the Freak barrel system
  • Ported for quiet accuracy
  • Available in various lengths for the ideal setup for any player

    The original Freak paintball gun barrel rose to greatness, winning paintball tournaments all the way to the pro level along the way, thanks to its ability to adapt to any size paintballs and shoot them efficiently and accurately with interchangeable bore sizer inserts! But the versatility doesn’t stop there! Add the ideal Freak barrel tip to your Freak paintball gun barrel to suit any style of play! The Freak barrel tip features multiple rows of inline drilled porting to reduce the sound of the firing paintball gun and to help stabilize each paintball as it transitions from barrel to air on its way to the target! Available in various lengths to suit any gear setup or style of play, complete your paintball gun barrel build with a Freak barrel tip!