GellyBall  Kit
GellyBall Kit
New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack
New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack
New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack
New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack
New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack


New Gellyball X-2 Kit | 1 Pack

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Given Price is for 1 Pack of Gellyball kit.

Introducing the new GellyBall X-2 !!!

The GellyBall X-2 is perfect for the younger spectrum of kids that want to play GellyBall at home! Why?  Because in comparison to the Red and Blue GellyBlasters shoot at 150 FPS, the X-2’s  shoot at 100 FPS!

·         1 GellyBall X-2

·         Rechargeable LiPo Battery with USB charging cable

·         Safety Goggle

·         10,000 Dehydrated GellyBalls

·         A standard clear hopper (holds appx 700 hydrated GellyBalls)

·         Orange and Blue Colored Fins and Barrel Tips (swappable accent color fins)

·         GellyBall Branded Backpacks (a draw string bag)

  • Water-based, non-toxic Gelblaster Gellets
  • Delivered dehydrated
  • Soak in water for at least 2 hours (overnight recommended) prior to use
  • Multiple colors available


  • **Disclaimer: This product is not a firearm and is not designed for use as a dangerous weapon. It is an accessory intended for use in paintball or airsoft activities. Please be aware that this item complies with all safety regulations relevant to its intended purpose. Any mention of firearms or dangerous products is for descriptive purposes only. Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing the use of paintball and airsoft accessories. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for clarification.**