Rap4 AK-47 Barrel Kit [Tippmann A5] - 14.5 Inches - Black


Rap4 AK-47 Barrel Kit [Tippmann A5] - 14.5 Inches - Black

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Color: Black
Length: 14.5 Inches
Material: Aluminum and Plastic


  • - Mounts Directly to Your Tippmann A5
  • - Recon Tactical Barrel for Improved Accuracy
  • - AK47 Muzzle Brake
  • - Authentic Look and Feel

    Tired of your basic marker looks? Stock out of the box just not cutting it anymore? Try a more unique and intimidating feel and aesthetic that also houses some important upgrades to your marker. The Tacamo AK-47 Barrel Kit for the Tippmann A5 includes a Recon Tactical Barrel and AK-47 style muzzle brake for custom looks and improved accuracy, as well as a standard AK-styled front sight to help you track and target your enemies in the dense jungle or friendly local paintball parks. Best of all: the Tacamo AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit for Tippmann® A-5® is durable, attaches securely, and is designed to survive the kind of hard-charging use that you’ll put it to in this season’s longest, most amazing scenario games. When you’re ready to upgrade to an AK-pattern marker, start with your Tippmann A5 and add this Tacamo AK47 Black Barrel Kit!