Tank Kits/Parts - O-Rings For Quick Disconnect-50 Pcs (Premium)

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Tank Kits/Parts - O-Rings For Quick Disconnect-50 Pcs (Premium)

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50 rubber quick disconnect o-rings

Just like a car tire never blows out or goes flat while the car is safely in the driveway, quick disconnect o-rings always fail or blow out at the worst possible time! Whether in a paintball player’s remote line quick disconnect forcing them to break their gear down and replace their o-ring, or in a fill station fill whip quick disconnect while dozens of players are waiting to top off their air bottles, quick disconnect o-rings always seem to fail at inopportune times and replacements should always be kept handy! Never run short of quick disconnect o-rings with a 100-pack of rubber o-rings for paintball quick disconnects from Valken!