Tippmann Hp Coiled Remote Cord & Slide Check (44100)


Tippmann Hp Coiled Remote Cord & Slide Check (44100)

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The Tippmann Remote Coil Remote with Slide Check and Quick Disconnect has it all to play tangle free and connects to most paintball markers and air tank systems. It features a tough nylon coil hose, and a slide-check valve with an integrated quick-disconnect so you can leave you're remotely gassed up and still detach it from your gun. The universal fill adapter has a very small profile so it won't stab you in the back like many other remotes lines, and it also has a bleed so draining your line at the end of the day is a breeze. Don't forget an HPA Paintball Tank!
  • Thick strong hose and very durable
  • It can be used in 3000-4500 psi pressure rate to screw into CO2, HPA, or compressed air and N2 tank
  • The coil will expand and contract to fit whatever position you are in
  • This remote system allows maximum comfort and mobility when in use and is ideal to have when using a stock or a marker butt