Umarex P2P T4E .68 Caliber Pepper Ammo - 10 Rounds


Umarex P2P T4E .68 Caliber Pepper Ammo - 10 Rounds

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  • Caliber: .68
  • Composition: Plastic shell
  • Active Ingredient: Synthetic Pepper Powder
  • Quantity: 10 rounds per tube

  • .68 caliber Pepper Ammo
  • Ideal for less than lethal home defense
  • Useful in less than lethal law enforcement applications
  • 10 round tube

    Umarex T4E P2P .68 caliber pepper ammo contains a highly effective synthetic pepper powder that, mixed with the impact energy of the .68 caliber projectile, is extremely effective for less than lethal home defense, personal protection or law enforcement compliance applications. These pepper balls are sold in 10 round tubes.


    *for use by qualified and trained law enforcement or for home and personal defense ONLY

    **possession and use of this .68 caliber pepper ammo may be governed by state and local regulations - check local laws before ordering

    ***Ships only within the United States