Valken Bravo Balaclava W/ Airsoft Mesh Mask
Valken Bravo Balaclava W/ Airsoft Mesh Mask
Valken Bravo Balaclava W/ Airsoft Mesh Mask


Valken Bravo Balaclava W/ Airsoft Mesh Mask

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  • Balaclava style face mask
  • Lightweight and breathable polyester material
  • Steel mesh nose and mouth guard
  • Superior ventilation and protection
  • Mesh mask does not muffle your voice
  • Slim profile
  • Better cheek weld
  • Mesh mask is hidden behind balaclava

  • Specification

  • Color: Black
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Material: Steel, Polyester


    The Valken Bravo Balaclava with Airsoft Mesh Mask is a tactical accessory to protect your head from the elements and BB strikes! This balaclava style face mask that offers protection from the elements using a lightweight and breathable polyester fabric. The included steel mesh nose and mouth guard offers superior ventilation as well as protection from BB strikes. This mesh mask also does not muffle your voice, and allows for clear communication between teammates. The low profile, slim fabric allows the wearer to achieve a better cheek weld with their airsoft gun, and maintain a clearer sight picture. 
  • **Disclaimer: This product is not a firearm and is not designed for use as a dangerous weapon. It is an accessory intended for use in paintball or airsoft activities. Please be aware that this item complies with all safety regulations relevant to its intended purpose. Any mention of firearms or dangerous products is for descriptive purposes only. Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing the use of paintball and airsoft accessories. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for clarification.**