Valken Circle 1/3 Zip Pullover Sweatshirt
Valken Circle 1/3 Zip Pullover Sweatshirt

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Valken Circle 1/3 Zip Pullover Sweatshirt

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  • Comfortable, bright and professional sleeveless referee jersey
  • Allows quick and easy identification as field staff or referee by all customers!
  • Sleevless for comfort and mobility in hot climates or for use over other layers

    The most thankless job in paintball is that of the paintball referee! The hours are long, the weather can be unforgiving, and then there's that whole getting shot by accident thing. Paintball referees deserve the very best paintball equipment to help identify them and allow them to do their job more easily, like a sleeveless paintball referee jersey! Valken’s sleeveless paintball referee jersey features a distinctive striped look with highlighter yellow and bold print for instant identification, and the breathable mesh construction makes the job much easier. Look the part, enforce the rules and keep the players safe with a clean, professional appearance with a Valken sleeveless paintball referee jersey!

  • **Disclaimer: This product is not a firearm and is not designed for use as a dangerous weapon. It is an accessory intended for use in paintball or airsoft activities. Please be aware that this item complies with all safety regulations relevant to its intended purpose. Any mention of firearms or dangerous products is for descriptive purposes only. Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations governing the use of paintball and airsoft accessories. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for clarification.**