Valken Fate Folding Paintball Barrel Swab | Grey


Valken Fate Folding Paintball Barrel Swab | Grey

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  • Absorbent, folding paintball barrel swab
  • Quickly removes paint and shell after a barrel break to restore accuracy
  • Durable yet affordable
  • Available in numerous colors

  • Accuracy is everything on the paintball field - you can't win if you can't hit what you aim at. When a broken or chopped paintball destroys your accuracy, grab a Valken folding paintball barrel swab, get your barrel clean and get back in the game! Valken's folding barrel swab slips easily into a swab pocket and cleans broken paint and shell from your barrel quickly thanks to its absorbent materials, restoring your accuracy to get you back to the business of shooting straight and winning games!