Valken Goggle Case
Valken Goggle Case


Valken Goggle Case

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  • Protective case for paintball goggles!
  • Soft interior compartment safe for goggles and a protective, interior lens bag
  • Carabiner for clip-on gear bag transport!
  • Fits most modern paintball goggles

    Paintball players trust their eyes and face to their paintball goggles, and rely on their high-end paintball goggles to resist fogging and keep their vision clear so they can win on the field! Protect that important, high-dollar paintball goggle investment with a Valken Goggle Case! Designed to fit almost all modern paintball goggles and keep them safe from scratches, scuffs and lens damage while traveling back and forth to and from events and the local paintball field, the Valken Paintball Goggle Case provides soft, safe storage for paintball goggles and lenses and attaches to a gear bag with an included carabiner clip!