New for 2019 is the DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun. DLX Technology has been hard at work listening to players and making improvements on their Luxe platform. The Luxe X paintball gun is the latest to hit the market and is the most advanced by far.New features for the DLX Luxe X paintball gun include an X-Core Bolt, Pro-Lock Frame, Freak XL Barrel, EZ-Axis Trigger, Opti-Breach Chamber, Max-Flow Inline Regulator, Roto-Mount Electronics, Flex-Pwr Battery System, Inteli-Connect Wireless System and Ice-Coated Friction System.The new X-Core Bolt System has been designed from the ground up to be more efficient, more reliable and smoother shooting. The X-Core Bolt system features a multi-stage core that allows the Luxe X to achieve 12 pods worth from a 77/4500 psi tank. The X-Core Bolt operates between 100-130 psi resulting in an incredibly smooth shot that has been a trademark of all Luxe paintball guns.The Max-Flow Inline regulator has also been completely redesigned to provide the highest flow rates. Not only does the Max-Flow inline regulator have higher flow rates, but its more durable and easier to maintain than ever before.The Pro-Lock Frame found on the Luxe X truly changes the industry standard. The frame can be detached from the body without tools. There are no wires in the body or connecting the body to the frame allowing for easier and faster maintenance. The Bolt needs to be removed in order to unlock the frame from the body to prevent accidents from happening.The Luxe X bolt features the ICE-Coating technology which is highly durable and self-lubricating. As can be seen with the Luxe Ice, the ICE-Coating greatly helps in minimizing maintenance and friction. Order your DLX Luxe X Paintball gun today from!


  • Operating Pressure: 100-130 PSI
  • Efficiency – 12 Pods from 77/4500 PSI Tank
  • Barrel Insert – .687

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Weight 16 lbs


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