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Np Large Hard Case - Black (Pnp)
Sale price$209.99 USD
Np Large Hard Case (Wave)
Sale price$239.95 USD
Np Xl Hard Case (Wave)
Sale price$239.99 USD
Np Xl Hard Case (Pnp)
Sale price$254.99 USD
Np Medium Hard Case - Wave - Black
Sale price$169.99 USD
Np Kit Box Hard Case Black
Sale price$329.99 USD
Np Small Hard Case (Wave)
Sale price$25.99 USD
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Tippmann Marker Case - Digi Camo
Tippmann Marker Case - Digi Camo
Sale price$29.95 USD

Paintball Equipment Cases & Bags

paintball marker cases typically vary in style and usually have multiple compartments to organize your gear for easy access and transport. These bags typically have padding and reinforced bottoms to protect your equipment from damage during transport.


A paintball backpack is a type of gear bag specifically designed for the sport of paintball. It is typically a backpack-style bag designed to hold and organize paintball equipment, such as markers, tanks, hoppers, pods, and other accessories. Paintball backpacks often have multiple compartments, pockets, and straps to keep the gear securely in place and easily accessible. They also have padded straps and back panels for comfort during transport.


Paintball backpacks are often used by players to carry their gear to and from the paintball field. They can store and transport gear to and from events, tournaments, or practices. Some backpacks can hold tanks and even pods in the harness and back area, making it easy to carry it all on the player's back.


Paintball goggle cases protect your investment when it comes to critical safety gear. Most goggle cases include a structural component that protects your goggles from impact damage. They may also have a soft interior to keep lenses from getting scratched. 


Gear Bags & Cases

Paintball gear bags and paintball equipment cases store and transport paintball equipment, such as markers, tanks, hoppers, goggles, pods, and other accessories. Gear bags are generally larger and can hold multiple items, while equipment cases are more compact and typically hold specific items, such as markers or tanks.

Paintball players usually purchase paintball bags and cases to protect their expensive and fragile equipment while traveling. These cases are good for keeping paintball gear organized. It also makes it convenient to access your gear as you can always know where everything is.


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