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HK ArmyHk Army Hardline Pro Paintball Pants
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3 colors available

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Smart Parts Defender Competition Pants
Smart PartsSmart Parts Defender Competition Pants
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JTJt Cargo Paintball Pants - Olive
Sale priceFrom $54.95 USD
JTPrototype JT Team Joggers
Sale price$125.00 USD


Paintball Pants are a type of clothing designed for use in the sport of paintball. They are designed to provide protection, comfort, and mobility on the paintball field. Paintball pants typically feature padding in the knees, hips, and other high-impact areas to protect the player from being hit by paintballs. They are also often made from durable, breathable materials to keep the player comfortable during gameplay. Many paintball pants also have extra pockets for storing spare paintballs, pods, Paintball Joggers, HK Army Pants, JT Paintball Pants or other gear. The pants are usually designed to fit over a player's regular pants, providing additional protection without adding bulk. Paintball pants come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing players to find a pair that fits their personal style and preferences.

A good pair of Paintball Pants can make or break a day of play. Best Paintball pants are designed to withstand the abuse from crawling, diving and sliding without shredding off of you. They protect your legs and have specialized pockets for your small gear items without slowing you down. Padding in the knees and hips cushion impact with the ground so you can play harder and faster. East Coast Paintball is 100% committed to offering the widest selection of Paintball Pants & Paintball Shorts for the player. All major brands. In stock. Lowest Price Guaranteed!


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