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Paintball air tanks
are one of the five products that every paintball player needs in order to play. East Coast Paintball carries a large selection of paintball compressed air tanks, high pressure air tanks along with the entry level CO2 paintball air tanks.

All Paintball Guns require some kind of paintball tank to function. There are two different kinds of air tanks for paintball markers. CO2 is cheaper, industrial gas and the choice of most beginners. Compressed air tanks, are the other. Compressed air tanks are required for most mid to high end paintball guns. They are much more consistent than CO2 Tanks. Compressed Air tanks can be broken down to two different kinds, Aluminum which holds 3000 PSI, and Carbon Fiber which generally holds 4500 PSI. Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Paintball Tanks are lighter and are much more appealing to the eye! We stock Air Tanks from all the leading manufacturers like Ninja Paintball, Pure Energy, and Empire!

A paintball air tank is a high-pressure cylinder filled with compressed air or CO2 that powers a paintball marker. The air tank is attached to the marker and supplies the pressure needed to propel the paintballs out of the marker and towards the target.

Paintball air tanks come in different sizes and capacities, with the most common being the 20-ounce and 68-ounce tanks. The choice of air tank size will depend on the type of marker being used, the player's personal preference, and the length of time they plan to play for without having to refill their tank. The air tanks need to be recharged after a certain number of shots, which can be done at a paintball field or with a home-based recharge system. The use of high-quality, tested, and certified air tanks is essential for safe and reliable operation in paintball.

HPA Paintball Tanks
HPA (High-Pressure Air) Paintball Tanks are air tanks used in paintball markers to store compressed air. Unlike CO2 tanks, HPA tanks use air that has been compressed to a high pressure, usually between 800 and 1,500 psi. This high-pressure air is then used to power the paintball marker. HPA tanks are favored by many players because they offer consistent performance, regardless of temperature changes. They also typically have a higher capacity than CO2 tanks and can be recharged more easily. Additionally, HPA tanks are safer to use than CO2 tanks because they do not have the potential to explode like CO2 tanks do in certain conditions. Overall, HPA paintball tanks are a popular choice among players who want a reliable and consistent power source for their paintball markers.

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