Paintball goggle frame benefit

paintball goggle frame benefit

The benefits of a paintball goggle frame are numerous. Firstly, it provides crucial protection for the player's eyes, which is paramount in a sport where high-speed paintballs can cause serious injury. The frame is designed to withstand the impact of these projectiles, ensuring that the player's vision remains clear and unobstructed throughout the game.

Additionally, a paintball goggle frame can be customized to fit the player's needs and preferences. Many frames are designed to be adjustable, allowing players to tailor the fit to their face and head size. Some frames also feature ventilation systems, which can help to prevent fogging and improve airflow, keeping the player cool and comfortable during extended periods of play.

JT Proflex Goggles and Accessories

JT Goggles and Paintball masks are some of the most beloved paintball masks in the sport. Their anti-fog film as well as their interchangeable lenses make the masks a favorite among many novices and professional paintballers alike.

Currently, there are four different versions of JT Goggles and JT Masks that Lone Wolf Carries—the Proflex X, Proflex LE, Flex 8, and the ProShield. For over 15 years, JT has been disrupting the paintball industry and has perfected the skill of making the best masks and goggles. Their extensive line of masks has made exponential progress toward safety, style, comfort, and modularity.