paintball goggle
paintball goggle
paintball goggle
paintball goggle
paintball goggle


Dye I4 Thermal Paintball Goggles

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  • Hinge Lock™ Quick Change Lens
  • Streamlined Facemask Coverage
  • Semi-Flexible Facemask
  • Enhanced Soft Foam Ear Pads
  • 3D Molded Pro Pad
  • Enlarged Goggle Strap
  • Ventilates and Breathes Easier
  • Transmits Voice Better
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Replaceable Multi-Layer Face Foam
  • Distortion Free, Large Lens
  • Snap-On Replaceable Straps And Ear Pads
  • Interchangeable Facemask
  • Scratch Resistant Lens Coating
  • Anti-Fog, Dual Pane, Thermal Lens
  • Chromatic Lenses Available

  •  Specification

  • Anti Fog: Thermal dual-pane lens
  • Safety Certifications: ASTM & CE

     Packed with features to create an extremely comfortable high-performance paintball goggle system, the Virtue Vio Contour II paintball goggle has everything a serious paintball player needs to look good, play well and win! Standard with a quick-change, thermal anti-fog lens, comfortable, removable face foam and modular parts like the facemask and comfortable, soft earpieces, the Virtue Vio Contour II paintball mask is an outstanding choice for a player who loves to personalize their paintball gear while enjoying superior performance and all-day comfort.