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Eclipse GTek 180R Midnight (Black)
Sale price$1,095.95 USD
Empire Axe 2.0 Marker | Dust Black
Sale price$514.95 USD
Dye DSR+ | Lava | Paintball Marker
Sale price$999.95 USD
Dye DSR+ | DyeCam | Paintball Marker
Sale price$1,099.95 USD

Electronic paintball gun / marker

Electric paintball guns have revolutionized the game of paintball and made shooting fast and straight easier and more fun than ever! From high-end, tournament electronic paintball guns that operate at ultra-low pressure and offer tons of standard features to tough, reliable electric paintball guns to fit into any player’s budget for any style of play,

East Coast Paintball offers the top electric guns from a wide array of the best paintball gun manufacturers and provides all the information you’ll need to make the best choice for your electric paintball gun needs!

Electronic paintball guns revolutionized how paintballs were fired and how the game and sport of paintball were played when the first models went into production and were introduced.

Tournament Paintball Package like the Automag and Autococker quickly gave way to early electric paintball guns like the Shocker and Angel paintball gun in the hands of top professional players and teams in the United States, England, Europe and Russia, allowing paintball players to shoot paintballs faster than ever before!

The paintball world learned how to shoot faster when the electronic paintball gun was released, with even companies like Tippmann and Spyder releasing electric paintball gun models as their popularity exploded.

The new East Coast Paintball online paintball store offers a wide range of the best electronic paintball guns for sale in the business, including the Luxe, the Shocker and models from Dye and Planet Eclipse like the Eclipse Etha, the Eclipse Ego, the Eclipse GTek and the Eclipse Geo! From low cost, affordable paintball guns like the Eclipse Etha and Dye CZR to several electric paintball guns in the running for best paintball gun in the world from companies like Dye, Eclipse, Luxe and Field one, along with paintball loaders, paintball air tanks and all the best paintballs a fast shooting automatic paintball gun will ever need,

The East Coast Paintball online paintball store offers paintball gear and paintball equipment for sale at the best prices online! Now more affordable and higher quality than ever, while easier to care for and maintain than ever, electronic paintball guns are the backbone of the modern sport of paintball, with electric paintball guns used every weekend at the local paintball field,

All the way up to international professional paintball competition in the hands of top paintball teams like the Ironmen, Dynasty and Houston Heat! Whether a Luxe electronic paintball gun that offers all the features and even talks, or an affordable electric paintball gun like the Eclipse Etha that can still shoot fast and deliver great performance at the best price, the East Coast Paintball online store has everything a paintball player will need to hit the field and shoot fast, from electronic paintball guns to electronic paintball loaders, paintball compressed air tanks,

The best paintballs and thermal paintball goggles that won’t fog! When it’s time to step up from cheap paintball guns for sale to a more competitive electric paintball gun to play speedball, a paintball tournament or a paintball scenario game, the East Coast Paintball Store has the best paintball gear at the best price! Paintball players looking for a fast-shooting automatic paintball gun along with the paintball loader and paintball air tank they need to dominate the opposition can find it all at the new East Coast Paintball online store, along with the best paintballs, thermal paintball goggles that resist fogging and all the paintball gear they’ll need to enjoy the game at any level! All the best paintball guns for sale are available online at the new East Coast Paintball Sports online Paintball Store.

An electronic paintball marker is a type of paintball gun that uses electronics to control various aspects of the marker's operation. Unlike Mechanical Paintball Marker, which rely on springs and levers to function, electronic markers use solenoids, circuit boards, and other electronic components.

Electronic paintball markers offer several advantages over mechanical markers, including adjustable firing modes, electronic triggers, and anti-chop technology. Some high-end electronic paintball markers also have built-in sensors that can monitor and adjust the performance of the marker in real-time.