Hk Army Pinokio P250/400 Paintball Loader
Hk Army Pinokio P250/400 Paintball Loader

HK Army

Hk Army Pinokio P250/400 Paintball Loader

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  • Capacity: 250 w standard nose, 400 w extended nose (included)
  • Electronic Power: 2x 9volt batteries
  • Weight: Approx 1 pound with batteries
  • Feed Rate: 20+ balls per second

  • The most unique and reliable loader in paintball!
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Holds 250 rounds with standard nose
  • Included Pinokio 400 shell extension expands loader to 400 round capacity!
  • Simple electronic operation
  • Powered by 2x 9volt batteries
  • Feeds over 20 balls per second consistently
  • Practically impossible to jam!

  • The Pinokio Hopper has become a legend in paintball for its shape, capacity and performance, and now it's back! The HK Army Pinokio 250/400 paintball hopper provides options no other paintball loader can boast - switch from 250 rounds in standard size to a whopping and unrivaled 400 rounds by switching the included Pinokio nose extension and shoot well over 20 balls per second! The HK Army Pinokio electronic paintball loader is powered by 9volt batteries that are quick and easy to swap and provide impressive battery life. Switch the Pinokio loader on and off with one single button, and clean the loader by simply pulling the nose off and wiping out the internals! Fast, simple and reliable, the HK Army Pinokio paintball hopper offers amazing performance for its price!