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Air Tanks for Paintball & Airsoft Guns Online Shopping

We have a full line of compressed air and HPA paintball tanks. We carry paintball tank from all major manufacturers in the industry. We have the entry-level compressed air tanks from Cyclone Paintball, which start just under the $40 mark. These entry-level paintball tanks are very durable and will last you a long time. Both the bottle and the regulator on it are made in the USA.

Carbon fiber tanks are a popular type of compressed air tank used in paintball. These tanks are made from a lightweight and durable carbon fiber shell that is wrapped around a high-pressure air cylinder. They are designed to store compressed air, which is then used to power the paintball marker during gameplay.

paintball air compressor are preferred by many paintball players due to their lightweight and compact design, which makes them easy to carry and maneuver during gameplay. They are also resistant to impact and can withstand high pressures, making them a safe and reliable option for players.

Carbon fiber tanks come in different sizes and capacities, with options ranging from small 48 cubic inch (ci) tanks to larger 88 ci tanks. The tank's size and capacity can affect the number of shots that can be fired before needing to be refilled, as well as the weight and balance of the paintball marker.


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